Diving Courses



Dear divers, We will move our store from Ramstein to Rammelsbach, to our home, on February 1st, 2020. We are still in Ramstein for you until January 31st and after that you will find us in Rammelsbach. All courses continue and everything runs as before - we only change locally. We will tell you more details when the time comes. We look forward to a new year with you - we hope it will be as great as our last years were. Thank you very much to you for that.

Over winter our shop will be closed on mondays (starting 18.11.2019)

Diving in the pool during the winter months:

Every Sunday morning (6.45am) there is the possibility to come with us to the Pool "Azur" and train there on your own, to test your new equipment or just to be under water.


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